Community Services During COVID-19

Treatment Rooms

There are only two treatment rooms still open. These are Lowe House and the Urgent Treatment Centre (formally known as the Walk-in-Centre).

This is not for patients who self-refer – but for those currently on the caseload and those whose need is urgent.

Home visits via the district nursing service can be made if appropriate.

Useful links

During this pandemic, patients may notice a decline in their mental health. For a wide range of tips, advice and information to support mental health and well-being, please visit:

Patient Assistance

If patients are struggling to obtain food or medication, the Local Authority has lots of transport and taxi firms working with them who can collect and deliver food, groceries, items from chemists etc.

Please ring Contact Cares on 01744 676767 or email


Daily clinics at Lowe House Resource Centre from 09:30-12:30 for urgent and absolutely necessary bloods only. Routine phlebotomy has been suspended.